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Introduction to Agility

AGILITY:the ability to change direction without the loss of speed, strength, balance, or body control.

There is a direct correlation between improved agility and the development of athletic timing, rythm, and movement.
Agility for sport teaches the athlete the best method and techniques to move with the greatest speed and the greatest quickness, with the least amount of wasted movements and actions.

The performances of athletes who compete today have raised the level of agility. The physical conditioning of athletes has led to a number of changes in teaching, coaching, and training. These changes have allowed for a planned and implemented process that leads to improved performance through greater agility, balance and timing. This new emphasis leads to the evolution of faster, stronger and better conditoned athletes and to elite performances by athletes.

Use of Agility

So many athletes and coaches search for improvement and look for methods to improve their agility in their particular sport. In football, the great run, block, and tackle; in basketball, the ability to get open for the shot, the steal, the rebound; in volleyball, the great spike, the save; similar athletic prowess is applauded in tennis, wrestling, and other sports. The main thing is the display of the remarkable skills of agility.
The idea needed to enhance the production of maximum performance training in sports agility revolves around what is and what would be the most productive for the athlete in his/her particular sport. Searching for progressive and aggressive ideas in agility conditioning and implementing them into a program will benefit the athlete, the team, and increase the potential for greater success.

Agility Roadmap

Agility is a developed year-round model for the coach, trainer, or athlete to advance athleticism. By implementing an unplanned program, with no blue print or understanding of what foundation is needed, only invites failure. It really makes no difference what the sport or the sex of the ahtlete; agility is what often will separate winning performances. It is the improvement of the athlete's agility that will dictate the outcome of the event. The keen sense of direction and confidence in success lies in the development of their agility.