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Timing and Rythm for Agility

Agility timing is the speed of the movement, and agility rythm is the coordination of balance and body control. Every agility drill and exercise has its own timing and rythm. The skillful movement of agility must be the goal of the athlete. Timing and rythm helps develop what is needed in improving special athletic skills. Sports specific training with athletic gain requires that agility of the movement be practiced to make the movement of the exercise be as close as possible to the actual sport's movement.

Transfer of the timing and rythm is necessary for improvement. The separation of the good athlete from the great athlete lies in developing the creatuve characteristics of timing and rythms in agility. Each sport and each athlete of that sport has a synchronized timing and rythm which defines their relationship to each other. The more specific the agility drill is to the actual sport's task, the more benefit will come from the drill and exercise. From the practice field, court, mat, or diamond, the physical and mental rehearsal is the trigger to accomplishing the most difficult movements.

Repetition of the Agility Drills

By practicing repetition of agility drills and exercises, the athlete is better able to:

Remember that each movement has a required action and that the timing of this movement can and must be improved to effectively compete. Shaved seconds can translate into victory.