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Who am I?

My name is David Brooks. I just finished working with the Buffalo Sabres of the NHL. The head Strength & Conditioning coach is Doug McKenney. This was a great opportunity for myself, because I have learned alot in a short amount of time. Previous to my stint with the Sabres, I worked as an intern with Mike Gerber, head Strength & Conditioning coach for Syracuse University.

I am a graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder, December 1996, with a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology. While at Colorado, I had the pleasure of working with E.J. "Doc" Kreis and his staff, who introduced me to this passion I now love, Strength & Conditioning. There I had the opportunity to work with not only college athletes, but professional and Olympic athletes. And I have to also thank Donnie Maib, "Super" Dave Plettl, and D-wight Robinson, all of whom not only helped me learn how to coach, but also taught me how to be a better person. They are all great people.

At Colorado, I was certified as a Specialist in Sports Conditioning through ISSA. I am currently also a member of the NSCA. I was also introduced to Olympic lifting, and learned how it transfers to the playing field. Believe me, although my experience in coaching is not extensive, I know what works. And I know what doesn't. To be the best, you have to train to be the best. Its all about Conditioning. Sure, strength, speed, & power are essential, but if you don't train sport specific, i.e., conditioning for your sport, then you are training for nothing. I hope you use the research I have put together for this site. I will continue to up date it. Train HARD....Dream BIG!!!