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The Snatch

The snatch is the lifting movement of the bar overhead in one movement. It is the fastest and most explosive movement. The snatch has three consecutively performed parts:

(see full photo layout of the snatch being performed)
The most widely used start is the dynamic start. First, the kneee and ankle joints are in line. The second part before lifting of the bar from the platform is the stage of raising the hips, increasing the angles of the knee and ankle joints. This position taken in the preparatory action the moment the bar breaks from the platform is called the dynamic start.

Starting Position
From the basic stance or starting position, the hands are positioned on the barbell using the wide grip-width.

The Action of the Lift
The upward pull is initiated when the barbell leaves the floor past the upper thighs and with the extension through the hips and toes in preparation of dropping under the bar. The bar will be almost above the waist. The drive to lock-out continues at the same time forcing the hips in and upwards, while pulling strongly with the arms and shoulders until final extension is locked in with the high squat finish of the feet and bar in the overhead position.

Benefits to Sport
This is a great movement of exercise for speed development and strength. Remember, that this is a dynamic starting position that can have great benefits for transfer to the athletic field.