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Aerobic Strength

Aerobic = oxygen. Good answer! It is IMPORTANT to understand that Aerobic Strength is measured by Cardiovascular Endurance. It is here, Cardiovascular Endurance, that we truly see the effects of Aerobic Strength. Yes, it is true that you can run, & run to achieve the desired results. But what we are looking for is how well your muscles receive oxygen and remove the build-up of metabolic wastes.

There are two types of Aerobic Strength: (1) Linear, & (2) Non-Linear. Cardiovascular endurance is measured by (1) heart rate/minute, (2) stroke volume (how much blood your heart pumps per beat), (3) high ejection fraction of the left ventricle (percentage of blood the left ventricle pumps out per beat), & (4) maximum oxygen uptake ability (how much oxygen your muscles use during exercise).

Examples of Aerobic Strength are: Crew, Long distance races, marathon, trathlon, 1500m run, nordic skiing.