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Definition of Strength

A Word About Strength

In the coming sections on Strength, I will refer to Strength in Sports-related terms. To UNDERSTAND Strength, you must UNDERSTAND that Strength must be specific to your sport.

By SPECIFIC I mean, the Strength that we shall relate to is specific to your sport METABOLICALLY. If you are a distance runner and you train with heavy weights, neglecting the build-up of your strength endurance, then come race day, you will falter. Likewise, a football player who works on building up his aerobic strength will be doomed at the line of scrimmage.

The METABOLIC conditions for your sport will determine HOW to Strength train for it. It is IMPORTANT to know what energy substrate is being used for Maximum Force contractions. That way, we will never have to worry about bulky distance runners, and pencil-neck football players. GOT IT?

Strength Categories
Absolute StrengthLimit Strength
Speed-StrengthAnaerobic Power
Starting StrengthExplosive Strength
Linear Strength EnduranceNon-Linear Strength Endurance
Aerobic Strength

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