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Anaerobic Strength

Anaerobic = without oxygen. It is here that I am talking about your explosive sports. Football, hockey, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, basketball, sprinting, shot-put. These sports are examples of Anaerobic Strength. Metabolically speaking, the energy source for this type of strength is derived from the ATP/CP pathway (lasting about 6 seconds), and the Glycolytic pathway (approx. 10 seconds - 3 minutes).

Both the ATP/CP & Glycolytic pathways technically do not require the use of oxygen. Indeed, we ALL need oxygen, but in this case, it is NOT the major source of energy for muscular power. The ATP/CP (Adenosine TriPhosphate & Creatine Phosphate) pathway refer to the biochemicals within the muscle that produce energy to create work. Glycolytic refers to glycogen, a sugar, that is stored inside your muscles.

After about six seconds of intense work, your ATP/CP pathway is depleted. Your body then uses the glycogen to synthesize ATP & CP to continue work.

Examples of Anerobic Strength: 100m Run, 200m Run, football, soccer, boxing, gymnastics, basketball, wrestling