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The Power Clean

The starting position used is basic to all pulling exercises and to all movements when the weight is lifted from the floor. The principles that apply to the snatch also apply to the clean. The difference is the medium-grip and finishing movement. Make sure the bar is kept close to the body in order to achieve maximum performance. Speed is the factor of the power clean that is important.

Starting Position
From the basic stance or starting position, the hands are positioned medium-grip and the feet will be a little wider than the snatch.

The Action of the Lift
The position of the athlete is the same as in the snatch movement, except for grip position. The difference in movements is that the clean is stopped once the body has moved under the bar with the elbows pointing up and the weight resting on the pectoral and frontal deltoid muscles. It is important that the proper steps for completion of the lift and return to the floor be carried out as follows: