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The Clean & Jerk

The clean and jerk combines strength and speed into one exercise. For the athlete, mastering the technique and method of this lift will payoff in the coordination of speed and strength. The clean and jerk improves the feet coordination and the placement of the feet for recovery quickness.

Starting Position
Repeat the starting position used in the power clean. The second movement to the position is racking the bar across the chest and shoulders, as illustrated in the clean exercises.

The Action of the Lift
After completing the first clean phase of the clean and jerk, move to the second phase - the completion of the jerk. As in the military press (standing position), the back is straight with the elbows and head up. Dip the kness approximately six inches (not written in stone), and in one explosive jump, drive the weight overhead with the legs. The arms are used maily as a guide for the weight, even though the athlete explosively presses with the arms as the entire body comes off the ground. The split movement will have one leg forward and one leg back - usually the dominant leg goes forward.
To return to an upright, erect position, push back with the front leg and begin to take the needed steps back to where both feet are hip-width apart and the barbell is supported overhead. Hold for a count of two seconds and upon completion, lower the bar to the starting position on the floor.(Back